Daniel-lo Accesorios is created in 2004 with a clear objective to offer a novel alternative in the fashion accessories sector, based on excellence, quality, high-standard service and exclusivity of our products.

Thanks to our long-lasting experience in the leather and shoe industry, we can happily confirm that our fashion accessories are used by the most important brands in the national and also international fashion industry.

Ornaments with precious stones are the main ingredient of our collections. They are usually applied in structures or as a decorative element on their own and they represent a semi-finished product embellished with Swarovski Crystals.

Recently Daniel-lo Accesorios has been registered as a supplier of SWAROVSKI of Semi-Finished products. Exclusivity.

Daniel-lo Accesorios, Branding Solutions for Semi-Finished Products

Semi-finished product embellished with Swarovski Crystals

Decorative accessories, buckles and embellishments are the core focus of manufacturers of these products. Injected in Zamak, they present better polishing options as well as optimal sanding and baths possibilities that improve their quality.

The usage of cast brass, just like in the jewellery sector, offers a possibility to develop unique designs with the best quality.

Furthermore, the incorporation of cut brass, on its own or used together with other materials, allows us to create combined designs, developing in this way a wider variety of products.

Methacrylate and resin are becoming more and more widespread in the fashion industry. By combining these materials with others such as metal, for example, or doing lacer engravings, giving them infinite forms, sizes, finishes and colours or adding precious stones, the final result that we get are embellishing elements and fashion accessories widely demanded on the fashion market.


Exclusivity, differentiation and optimal service form the principal strategic pillars of work at Daniel-lo Accesorios.

These three pillars foster a profound understanding between a client and a supplier, which is our main goal to achieve with our customers.